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Apparently I fell asleep, because in a dream he heard a voice:- Pi-it ... Ho-oh-pee-OFDM and and it ... Drink!

Apparently I fell asleep, because in a dream he heard a voice:- Pi-it ... Ho-oh-pee-OFDM and and it ... Drink! Demanding thin voice of the child ask for water. How do the children here? The villa has a children? Important knowledge about side effects of anabolic steroids. I opened my eyes and listened.- Pi-it ... No, I can not seem to. Too clearly too clearly the sound went. I got up. This seems to be at the bottom. My legs just carried me down the stairs.- Pi-i-it ... Yes, a little, now I'll find you. Now, wait a minute. Aunt Jack comes to the rescue. Near the door leading to the basement sound became louder. There I is not going down. I opened the door and stepped inside. Just turn on the light. Already good.The head will remain intact. Narrow steep stairs went down. - Pi-it .... - and a slight whine. Yes, that is! We must hurry. The basement was as huge as the villa. It was located, apparently, across the area of the building. Wide range of best designed anabolics we offer. I slowly walked down the hallway toward the sound. Here it is - the door behind which hide the baby. Pressing the knob, hinges creaked slightly, the door opened.

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- Alain?On the couch, difdianka sitting in the room, holding the hands of a small girl with green hair. Best anabolic steroids not necessary costs too much. The woman quickly turned a child to face him. I frowned.- Eugene, you should not be here.- But I heard a baby crying.- You could not hear her.- But she requested water ...- The child could not ask for water.- Alain - my voice was insinuating, - what happens? Alarmed by the woman's face, rapid breathing, and how hard she pressed the child to her, showed - difdianka much frightened.- This is your daughter?In response, Alain nodded.- Show me her.- Get out of here, please. As if you did not see anything.- I know the rules. Children can not be alien races in other dimensions.- Eugene, have mercy.- Alain. I'm not going to tell anybody anything. Show the child. Difdianka sighed and let go of the girl. Open world of bodybuilding with our anabolics. Child playfully jumped off the knees and turned. Green hair, small swollen bump on the head - the future horns lyagudskie eyes, round face and small nose. She quickly ran up to me and grabbed my feet with her little hands, forever conquering my heart. My little.

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- This child lyaguda? Alain grabbed his hand to his chest. Her mouth opens in a barely audible request:- Spare ... Do you want to know side effects of anabolic steroids? - Who's the father? Line Shah?- Yes. We have broken the law, and the second ... - Alain cheeks streamed with tears.- I'm not going to say anything to anyone. She said the same. But why I was lying?- What lie? - A woman came to the senses.- What I did not hear the call of a child. Is it dangerous. At other times it may be to hear someone else.- Do not be able, - Alain anxiously looked at me.- But why?- Girl - mute.Difdianka moved abruptly, shifting nervously pillows from place to place. I looked at her, carefully avoiding thinking he heard and saw in the eyes of women fear. Suddenly, I realized that the situation can be deployed in their favor. - Alain. I need a phone. I want to contact the parents. They lost me.- You know, we have orders not to give you to communicate with the outside world?- It is. But I think you have no choice.- This is chantage?- Oh, very sorry. We both will total mystery. Many athletes begin their career with anabolics help. - Give me a chance to think about how to help you - look Alain began asking. - Please ...- Of course. But please, not for long.

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